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Wash Hands Properly To Stay Healthy

steps on how to wash your hands properly to protect yourself from viruses sickness flu
steps on how to wash your hands properly to protect yourself from viruses sickness flu
Wash hands properly to stay healthy

97% of Americans don’t wash their hands properly, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study. This is huge. Especially because viruses spread so easily through your hands. For example, if you touch something that has virus (i.e. money, doorknob) and then you touch your mouth or nose there is high possibility you can get sick. For instance, money can carry live flu virus, for up to 17 days! Washing hands is such an easy, quick and simple strategy to protect yourself from getting sick. Wash those germs, bacteria and viruses from your hands before having to take drugs to get rid of them from your body. Check out our dedicated article on how to protect from the flu which includes washing hands to learn more!

So how exactly should you be washing your hands to stay healthy? Well, just quickly rinsing your hands with water doesn’t do the trick. Here are the 4 very simple steps to wash hands you can do today to prevent illness and stay healthy.

Step 1 of Washing Hands Properly

Wet your hands with water (preferably warm) and apply soap

Step 2 of Washing Hands Properly

Rub your hands for at least 20 seconds. You can count to 20 or sing your favorite song you know is longer than 20 seconds. Pay special attention to clean under the nails

Step 3 of Washing Hands Properly

Rinse thoroughly

Step 4 of Washing Hands Properly

Dry hands with air drier, paper towel or a clean towel that hasn’t been used by others

And that is it! It feels so good to be healthy so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Imaging, being on vacation sick. Ouch! Or having plans to go to the spa (or bar!) with friends just to report that you are having the flu and need to cancel. Why go through the trouble of being sick and feeling horrible when you can simply wash your hands properly and regularly before eating, after going to the bathroom, etc and reduce your chances of getting ill. Take the action to wash your hands properly right now, and reap the benefits of health.

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