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Best Way and Time To Consume Fruit

best time and way to eat fruits for best health

Fresh fruits are very healthy and nutrient rich foods to include in your diet. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (aka CDC) recommends consuming at least 1.5 to 2 cups of fruits daily. The best time and best way to consume fruit is any.

Ways To Consume Fruits

best time and way to eat fruits for best health

There are many ways to consume fruits. For instance, eating raw fruits, eating frozen fruit, making fruit smoothies and juicing, combining fruit with other food. Check out our mango and yogurt snack as an example. You can also dry fruits. Check out our mango chips recipe. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are a fast and easy way to add some fresh fruits to your day.

I am usually very busy to sit down and enjoy eating a banana, kiwi, strawberries, and blackberries in one sitting. However, I enjoy drinking those fruits into a smoothie on the way to work. Yah, I have that 1-hour one-way work commute during which I sip on my freshly made smoothie. My husband, on the other hand, will chew on an apple while driving. It makes me crazy watching him driving with one hand and holding an apple with the other. I feel we would crash any minute! But it works for him. So, just experiment with what works for you. The goal is that you do consume at least 1.5 cups of fruits a day.

Best Way To Consume Fruit

As outlined in the preceding paragraph, there are many ways to consume fruits. If you are after the “best” way, consider the following:

  • Eat fruit alone. There is yet more research needed to back this recommendation up, but give it a try and see if it works for you. I generally eat whole fruits alone for snack.
  • Try to pair yogurt (probiotics!) with fruits. When I top my yogurt with fruits I find myself eating more yogurt (win!). Furthermore, some research shows that it opens up more nutritional absorption.
  • I do include vegetables in my fruit based smoothies and juices such as kale, spinach, etc. I feel better that way as I consume vegetables in addition to the fruits. Don’t forget that sometimes there is also a mental factor in what works best for you. In my case, I feel better when I pair fruits with vegetables and protein for my smoothies and juices. Plus all the vitamin C from the fruits promotes the iron absorption of the green leafy vegetables I use.

Best Time To Consume Fruit

It is always a good time to consume fruit. Fresh and frozen fruits are healthy and we should eat at least 1.5-2 cups a day. Now, if you strive for “best” you can take into account some unsupported by research suggestions. It is believed that when fruits are consumed with other foods they can cause fermentation, gas, bloating, and promote bacterial overgrowth. Hence, it is said that the best time to eat fruit is:

  • On an empty stomach
    • In the morning
    • 3-4 hours after eating

It takes about 30 min for the fruit to digest so you can enjoy a meal right after. We are yet to get studies to back those recommendations up so just try it out for yourself. See when it feels best for you and your body to consume fruit.

Listen To Your Body

You will read many articles (some contradicting) of when and how to eat fruit. Same with pairing fruit. For instance, I love pairing oranges with carrots for a vitamin C boost. Yet you can find articles against pairing oranges with carrots. For example, I read that when you drink orange and carrot juice you can get heartburn. I never experienced that and in fact I love the juice. Of course, I don’t over drink the juice either. Maybe I will have a cup of orange and carrot juice once every 3-4 months.

I personally like sipping on my smoothie in the car on the way to work in the morning. It fills me up with fiber and I don’t get hungry until lunch time. Now, people can argue that the body needs rest from all the digestion of the fiber in the smoothie. They would argue that I shouldn’t be sipping all morning on a smoothie because my body needs some rest. However, I feel great so drinking smoothie in the morning works great for me. Just try out what works for you. My kids love drinking their smoothies after school prior we have dinner. They come hungry from school and filling up the tummies with fruit feels great to them. What feels great to you? Have you noticed?

The truth is nobody can argue with what feels good to you. As long as you listen to your body and balance (not overdo something) for the most part things should be fine. So try out different strategy and find what works best for you. At the end of the day, fruits are healthy and nutrient dense food you shouldn’t be missing on.


In summary, it is more important to consume enough fruits a day (at least 1.5 cups daily) than when is the best time and best way to consume the fruit. We are yet to have more significant studies done on how and when to consume fruits prior putting a foot down on what is best with certainty. We suggest you experiment and see what feels best for you and your schedule. At the end of the day, the decision is yours how, when, and how much fruit to consume.

* Information and statements made by be Healthy be Happy are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. be Healthy be Happy does not provide medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by be Healthy be Happy are not to replace conventional medical service. Any choices and decisions you are making are at your own risk. If you have a medical condition or health concern, contact your physician.

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